EDOF Technology

Instant Focus is a unique patented optical technology designed to replace the accommodative function of the natural lens. This technology enables to extend the depth of focus characterized by a constant resolution and peak of light intensity. This peak of light is obtained through a constructive light wave interference concept generated by an aspheric surface in the center of the lens.

The resulting beam of light is called Pseudo-Nondiffracting Beam (PNDB). A Diffracting Beam starts diverging from the focal point, whereas a PNDB starts diverging after some distance. For Lucidis, the PNDB is calculated to cover the near to intermediate vision continuously towards the distance vision.

This optical technology takes its roots from two key points explained below that provide the desired visual outcome.

1. EDOF Technology

The refractive, aspheric surface enables the creation of wave interferences that generate a stable peak of light intensity over an elongated distance. This peak of light is used to compensate for the missing accommodative function left after cataract surgery. Consequently, this optical technology extends the depth of focus without creating additional loss of light or dysphotopsia and therefore maximizes the overall quality of vision for the patient.

2. EDOF Positioning

This EDOF technology is set to cover the near to intermediate vision. This provides the patient an appreciable vision for activities such as reading, computer work, or watching tv.

The rest of the lens provides the patient a distance vision, suitable for traveling, playing sports, driving, etc. Consequently, the brain can better fill the theoretical gap left between the intermediate and the distance vision resulting from a full spectrum of accommodation which corresponds to that of the eye’s natural lens.

INSTANT FOCUS™ - the Ultimate EDOF IOL Technology