The Swiss company, SAV-IOL, started developing R-TASC in 2018, a long-term project that will overcome the limitations encountered in intraocular lenses for cataract surgery. R-TASC is an active intraocular lens with real time autofocus and wireless connectivity, an entirely novel approach set to push the boundaries of the intraocular lens market.


R-TASC is equipped with an autofocus system that detects the distance of objects. The resulting signal triggers micro-pumps to move a liquid in and out of the optic. This movement enables the curvature of the optic to change consequently modifying the power of the lens in real-time. This process happens at a speed of 0.2 seconds, equivalent to that of a healthy eye. To make this system work, the lens is powered by solar energy in conjunction with induction.


  • R-TASC enables patients to retrieve a full and continuous visual accommodation range (from near to distance vision) without loss of light or other visual disturbances.
  • Patients already having a monofocal lens implanted can benefit from this technology in order to get rid of their glasses.
  • The R-TASC lens can be remotely calibrated by the surgeon or patient after the surgery to ensure having an optimal vision at all times.
  • The R-TASC platform is future proofed to incorporate interactive features such as augmented reality.